Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Dream

This was a pretty weird dream. Let me set the scene. For some reason, unbeknown-st to me, the date of the blessed nuptials was moved up to this summer.

It was the day of the union, the morning more specifically. I was being told to get ready and I was all confused. I didn't understand first and foremost why the date had been moved up. I was most concerned about whether or not the bride-to-be was aware of the date change as well. I didn't want to be getting into my monkey suit if the bride wasn't getting all dolled up too.

I remember saying, "Does she even know about this??? She better be getting dressed too because I don't want to be doing this all for nothing!"

I couldn't comprehend why it was nine in the morning and I was getting suited up for a wedding that started at five. It was boggling my dream mind. It seemed so stupid. I was asking about the wedding coordinator and if this date change was her doing or some other shadowy conspirator. There was no explanation to be had even though I was demanding answers.

But there was one concern that I had that trumped all others in the dream. Nothing, not Eydie, the wedding coordinator, who was nowhere to be found, not the bride's awareness of the change in date, and not even me getting my suit on at nine in the morning for a five o'clock ceremony, bothered me more than the fact that I had forgotten something...

my golf clubs!

I was dead set on playing golf that morning, but because of the sudden change with the wedding date, the clubs were forgotten. AHHH!!!

Heed the Dub

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