Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre Wedding Bliss-ters

Back in more manlier times, a man would actually go out and kidnap the woman of his choosing with the help of his best friend. This Best Man would aid in fighting off all the other men who were also interested in kidnapping the woman and he would also assist in deceiving the bride's family as to the location of the "happy couple."

That is what I call a kick butt wedding ritual. There are some other really awesome wedding rituals such as the bachelor party, which was known as the stag party. It was held the night before the wedding and the groom would drink and dine with all his friends and he would swear off his crazy ways, but also pledge his continuing friendship to those in attendance.

Today was a less glamorous pre-wedding ritual...for the groom.

Today was the beginning of the gift registry. Crate & Barrel

I'm sorry but a dish is a dish and a fork is a fork. EFF!

The best part of the registering was when a guy, who, like me, was with his better-half-to-be, and they had just came from the little bowl section when the girl found another little bowl. The man proceeds to say, in a hushed shout, "You just scanned one like this over there!"

His lucky lady replies, "No, I didn't. This one is different."

A little bowl is a little bowl.

I turn around and say, "Buddy, I know how you feel."

Heed the Dub

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Alyssa said...

you did get a little scan-crazy at the end with the wine stuff lol....just think only 2 more times and you are done!