Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post 24 Post Lost Life

What am I going to do? I mean, really, what the poo am I to do?!? Where else am I going to be able to satisfy my All-American Hero brave crave after Jack Bauer rides off into the sunset??? Poor Renee (tear, sniffle). Can anyone name a character on TV right now who is any more bad ass than him?

SIDE BAR: if you stopped watching for whatever reason-- Dana Walsh's side story started to suck, e.g.-- I've got news for you: 24 got great again. It is "Gosh-darn-I'm-proud-Jack-Bauer-is-a-fictional-American" great again!

So please let me know, who can supply the same bad-ass-ness each week that Bauer gives each second that dang clock ticks on down? Google me this!

You will be missed, Renee.

LOST. Floating LOST title and all. This one isn't so much of a brain teaser. I've heard good things about Fringe. And V has stoked my attention. But the key to Lost is that it has gotten me to care about those castaways. It's done a better job than Gilligan's Island. Whether they are the Oceanic 6, the "lost" castaways, the 'others', or the other 'others', I care.

Character development, you tricky little "fatherless baby", you got me good. I'm hooked like Homer is to Duff. And for that, eff you. You are my heroin crack speedball fix. If that actually is something that exists. If not, you are my helium balloons. Every Tuesday night all my problems go away. It feels so

Where am I?? Oh, it's Wednesday. Crap. Strung out from my combined Monday-Tuesday 24-Lost fix again. I do not want to crawl out of a toilet like in Trainspotting!

SIDE BAR: Kate looks pretty hot as a lego.

Help me. Please. This is the first step. Admitting to my addiction. But I need to find another great show (at least one) that can settle my nerves. Shoot me back (I mean up) something that will tuck me in at night and make the demons sing sweet lullabies.

Heed the Dub

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alyssa said...

were you drinking at lunch or something? this post is weird lol.....your new show is............................................................................................GLEE!!!