Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adventure of the Day

Today I put my nerves to the test. With only "18 miles to empty" I decided to make the 14 mile sojourn down the Parkway to Alyssa's. During rush hour. With temperatures pushing 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Here is the result.

18 miles: Out of the driveway and I make my way to the Parkway. I lose 3 miles just getting to the tollbooth and make it close to exit 163. Still 12 miles to go.

15 miles: "Oh crap!" Traffic. I've got Springsteen blaring "Light of Day" from his In Concert / MTV Plugged Album and the tension is building. Great song, but man am I starting to sweat! And the AC is on! The counter drops to 14.

14 miles: Traffic is stop and go as I pass exit 161. Only ten miles to go so I'm looking pretty good right now... until I look as the digital miles to empty counter which is above my rear view mirror. 12 miles! "What the hell happened to 13?!? Oh, poop!"

12 miles: I turn the AC off and open the windows. I become environmentally savvy quick as can be. I need to conserve my gas. Can I turn anything else off? Nope, Bruce stays on.

9 miles: Checking the traffic to gas ratio. It is holding at a steady 2/3 right now. 9 miles left in the tank with 6 miles to go. I just might be able to pull this off.

5 miles: "Ahh!" I can see the dang sign for gas but my car is not moving. No, my gas-o-meter hasn't lied to me; it's the bloody traffic! I stopped moving with "6 miles to empty" and watched it click on down to 5! Jiminy Christmas!
4 miles: Finally got over to the right lane and pulled off the Parkway! Crisis averted. My gas tank allegedly holds 18 gallons and, I kid you not, it took 17.990 gallons of regular unleaded. Also, on a side note, leather seats and no AC do not mix. I could feel my T-shirt peel off the seat.

Heed the Dub

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