Sunday, April 18, 2010


This movie is not for everyone. There are specific requirements to enjoy it. They are a love of:

1. Comic book movies
2. Bloody and Over-the-top action
3. Ten year olds with trucker mouths

This is Spiderman if Spiderman didn't have any super powers, beat the bloody hell out of the bad guys, and instead of using corny insults that just annoy the villains, he tells them to 'go poop themselves'.

This is a fun movie as long as you can handle the absurd. Believe that a well trained ten year old is capable of beating a guy to a bloody pulp and you will love this movie. Believe that a few steel plates and some numb nerve endings are all you need to survive a Louisville Slugger walloping and you will love this movie. Believe that Nicholas Cage purposely sounds like Adam West and you will love this movie.

This is your typical super hero origin story without your typical superhero. Somehow, not having genetically mutated spiders and relying on only one kid's desire to no longer look the other way when someone is in trouble, the film grounds itself so that Hit-Girl's acrobatics and butchery with the blade are believable.

Heed the Dub

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